Open-source generic CID client

How to use ?

A generic CID client could be used on the CID protocol website.


This CID client uses the HTML5 File and Messaging API. The client should work in IE10, Firefox 3.6, Chrome 12, Safari 6, Opera 11.5 and later. See the cross-document messaging and file API support for more details.

Use the client

  1. Open the client in a compatible browser ;

  2. Fill the URL input with a manifest location ;

  3. Let the client follow the instructions of the manifest.

How to embed ?

The client is open source and could be embed on any web platform.

Get the sources

git clone

The client should be store at the path cid/client-CID.

Install the client on a web server

Upload the index.html file and the js folder onto a web server. The client uses only static contents so there is no need for php or sql servers.

Overload the sources

The client is made of a simple HTML file and a javascript library. The HTML can be completed to be properly integrated to a web platform.